Snapchat added new ‘My Place’ feature on Snap Map to explore new places

Snapchat has introduced a new feature ‘My Places’ on Snap Map for users to explore places they, their friends, and the large Snapchat community have visited. As worldwide COVID-19 vaccination drives are paving the way for outdoor and public activities, the new feature will give users a way to register their activities, and share their favorite places with others.

The social media company shared survey findings that on average users are “most likely” to engage in post-pandemic activate and 44% of Snapchat users rely on Snap Map to search for places in their vicinities.

The Snap Maps allows users to share their location privately with friends and family or publically with the community to let them know where they are, discover where their friends are, and also see posted stories shared at a location.

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The new My Places on Snap Map is a way to find personalized recommendations for the Snapchat community

The new Places tray on the Map screen is located at the bottom. Tap on the ‘Places’ option to log in and explore businesses, eateries, and other visited places. The ‘My Place’ UI will have three sub-sections:

  • Popular – users will see curated recommendations based on their current location, previously tagged places, and the locations marked as ”favorite’.
  • Favorites – By tapping the heart icon, users can mark a place as ‘favorite’ which they will like to visit.
  • Visited – all the ‘check-in’ places which were tagged in Snaps.


For each destination, the will also show its address, phone number, business hours, directions, and popular times for each day of the week. Users can also save and send their favorite places to their family, friends, or post on their stories.

The company says that over 250 million monthly active users are on Snap Map. Earlier, Snapchat announced that it will call Layers to allow business partners to add their data directly on the Map. For now, Infatuation ( a restaurant recommendations website) and Ticketmaster are the social media’s collaborators. As per the announcement, Layers will come to Snap Map later this year.

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