Sony PlayStation Phone (PSP) SE-Z1 Spotted With Android Gingerbread OS [Video]

This is first ever full motion video of Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone that has just been spotted in Greece. Its called the Z1 aka Zeus that features a capacitative touchscreen, an 8MP camer with LED flash and runs on Android Gingerbread OS (v2.3). The PlayStation phone is believed to be the union of a portable gaming console and a smartphone. The video gives little design details though one can judge by the looks and curves of the device that it in fact is the real thing.


According to, the Sony Ericsson Z1 has a 4-inch touchscreen which offers great touch responsiveness. It comes with Android 2.3 pre-installed just like certain other devices in the past which were found in the wild also running the same OS. The video demo does not however show the sliding keyboard as the famous Engadget PSP prototype revealed earlier.

Check out the suspicious demo of Sony Ericsson Z1 PSP below and share your thoughts with us in the comments section:

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