iPhone 14 Pro models will feature faster USB 3.0 Lightning connector but not USB-C port – Report

A new report by iDrop claims that the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro models will feature the faster USB 3.0 Lightning connector which means the base models will be equipped with the same USB 2.0 Lightning connector.

Recently, Apple switched the latest Mac and iPad models from Lightning connector to USB-C connector for faster data transfer speed, durability, and other benefits. However, the company has continued with the older technology in iPhones til iPhone 13 series. That might change this year.

iPhone 14 Pro

Skipping USB-C, Apple might ship iPhone 14 Pro models with USB 3.0 Lightning port for faster data transfer

Explaining that Apple has not yet switched to USB-C connectors for iPhones over the fear of losing revenue from royalties, the report mentions that company plans to replace the slower USB 2.0 Lightning connector with faster USB 3.0 Lightning connector on iPhone 14 Pro models. The publisher did not mention the source.

The Lightning connector normally operates at USB 2.0 speeds, but it’s not technically limited to that, and Apple engineers are working on 3.0 speeds for the iPhone 14 Pro connector. So that would solve the main problem creatives have now.

Some creators shoot their videos using the iPhone 13 Pro’s ProRes video feature because they’re much better quality and very easy to edit. However, these files are quite heavy, and it takes hours to transfer them to a computer via cable because USB 2.0’s speed isn’t enough. But Apple could easily solve this problem by enabling USB 3.0 speeds on the next iPhones.

iPhone 14 Pro

Although USB 3.0 port is not the same as the USB-C port, it will still be an upgrade from the currently used USB 2.0 technology. The old USB 2.0 technology transfers data at 480 Mbps and the USB 3.0 Lightning port deliver up to 5Gbps speeds.

After debuting in the 2015 iPad Pro, the USB 3.0 Lightning port technology will allegedly be expanded to upcoming iPhone Pro models. If the rumor holds up, the faster USB 3.0 Lightning port will allow users to transfer photos and videos directly to an iPhone from a camera, transfer 4K ProRes video, and more.

Last year, a robotics engineering student Ken Pillonel made the first USB-C iPhone by equipping an iPhone X with a functional USB-C charging port that charges the smartphone and transfers data. And the bids for that modded iPhone X with USB-C on eBay exceeded $99,900.

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