Spotify introduces three new accessibility features on iOS and Android

Spotify is bringing accessibility improvements to its platform by introducing three new features: buttons with increased readability features, options for text resizing, and a beta for podcast transcripts. Starting this week, the features will roll out on the iOS and Android versions of the app.

The Swedish music streaming service explains that the new accessibility features are designed to make the platform more inclusive so everyone can have an immersive music and listening experience. “Spotify is part of the lives of over 356 million people around the world—and we’re cognizant that many of our users have different access needs.”

Spotify - new accessibility features

The 3 new accessibility features on Spotify are designed to enhance the listening experience of users with visual and hearing impairment

The new features are as following:

1 – New Buttons

For users with low-vision and visual impairment, the platform has changed the color, text format, and size of navigation buttons to play, shuffle, and download songs. The company says that the new changes will also be helpful in low light and high screen reflection conditions.

Spotify - new accessibility features

2 – Enlarge Text Size

Users can now make increase the text size as per their need. The new update is sid to improve overall navigation. The company lists down how users can make the text larger:

  1. On your phone, head to Settings > Accessibility, then select “Display & Text Size.”
  2. Tap “Larger Text” for larger font options.
  3. Drag the slider to select the font size you want.Making the text too large might make it hard to tap buttons or other functions within the Spotify app.
  4. You can always go back to your phone settings and adjust the font size as needed.

Spotify - new accessibility features3 – Auto-generated Podcast Transcripts

For select Spotify original and exclusive podcasts, the app will not automatically generate transcripts to allow users to read the show’s text with or without sound. In addition, users will also be able to tap on a specific part of the transcript to start the podcast episode from that point. Currently is this feature is limited but the company says that it will available across all podcasts in the future.

Spotify - new accessibility features

Recently, the music streaming service released a new “Your Library” section which features improved search with dynamic filters, sorting options, ability to pin songs/albums/podcasts, new grid view, and more. The new section is designed to quickly find saved songs and podcasts. Prior to that, Spotify launched its paid podcast subscription service which enables podcast creators to charge a premium for exclusive content for their listenings. Spotify is now working on making its platform more inclusive and said:

We care deeply about creating an inclusive experience, which is why we’re working with people with disabilities to conduct user research and plan to evaluate and assess our ideas on an ongoing basis.

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