Spotify for iOS might offer workout playlists based on Health app data

Spotify is working on taking users’ personalized audio streaming experience to a new level. According to product designer @Chris Messina, Spotify is working on integration with HealthKit API on iOS to offer subscribers workout playlists based on their health data.

Apple offers HealthKit API which gives third-party apps access to users’ health and fitness data on iPhone and Apple Watch. “With the user’s permission, apps communicate with the HealthKit store to access and share this data” to create a personalized health and fitness experience that includes a variety of tasks:

  • Collecting and storing health and fitness data
  • Analyzing and visualizing the data
  • Enabling social interactions

spotify - healthkit api

Spotify for iOS working on HealthKit integration

On Twitter, Messina said that he found a code in Spotify for the iOS app which reveals that the company was working on integration with HealthKit to access information about users’ daily physical activity like the type of workouts, time spent exercising, calories burned, and others. 

Based on their health and fitness data, the audio streamer would suggest personalized workout playlists to users to keep them motivated to move. A message associated with the new feature shows that it would be an opt-in feature that would require users’ permission to access their health and fitness information. The message reads:

“Get the right music for your workout.

This data will allow Spotify to match your workouts with what you listen to and see what audio motivates you best. Workout data includes the type of workout, distance and pace or speed.”

Without any precise data, it alleged feature is expected to launch soon.

Spotify for iOS

Earlier, Spotify introduced audiobooks on iOS but not without stirring controversy. New York Times reported that Apple only allowed the audio streamer to release audiobooks on the service after it altered the language. And situations like these have created a rift between the two companies; Apple’s App Store rules are under investigation by the EU over anticompetitive allegations levied by Spotify.

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