Spotlight in iPhone OS 4 lets you search using Web and Wikipedia


Engadget have found this interesting little update in iPhone OS 4’s Spotlight search. You can use your queries for web search or Wikipedia search directly from Spotlight. It says web search because Google and Yahoo both are available as search engines in iPhone OS, so what ever you chose will be used. I remember buying a Cydia app to enhance Spotlight with web/Wikipedia search. Ah well, those are $3 I’ll never be getting back.

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  1. Of course you bought a cydia app years ago that did the same thing! Apple has been stealing what should be intellectual property from the jailbreak community for a long while now. There would be no app store if it weren't for back in the day. This latest update plagiarizes backgrounder, categories, and winterboard also. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to finally have these features in a native OS upgrade, but apple could at least give credit where it is due and admit to using the jabreakers as a focus group to see what features customers would like to see, and God forbid actually admit jailbreakers have had these features for years already.

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