Springtomize: Now Customize Almost Every Aspect Of Your iOS Device [VIDEO]

As the huge library of cydia tweaks continues to grow, we get more and more reasons to jailbreak our iOS device. A brand new app called Springtomize is one of those cydia tweaks which add more power and flexibility to the way your iOS device behaves, customizing its each and every aspect to your needs. You can enhance your SpringBoard’s performance by disabling elements you don’t use or which may slow down your device or simply customize the way your dock, icons and status bar look. Even your folders and Lockscreen can be fully customized.

Customize Almost Every Aspect Of Your iOS Device


Once you have downloaded and installed Springtomize, you can change all the SpringBoard customization options though its preferences in settings. You can even save your SpringBoard’s custom layout to restore it later which saves you the hassle of moving icons back and forth into their original folders. Your current SpringBoard animations can be fully customized as well. You can even add new animations to it like choosing the color of the screenshot flash or making your device dim like an old tv when you lock it. Its actually a lot of fun to add customizations to your “same old” iOS SpringBoard.

Customize Almost Every Aspect Of Your iOS Device Customize Almost Every Aspect Of Your iOS Device


There is also a “Theming section”. It lets you apply a custom dock or even a transparent one. You can even make your icons transparent or adjust your wallpaper’s brightness to make your SpringBoard icons visibility match a lot better. So go ahead, and download Springtomize from Cydia for $2.99 via modmyi repo!

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