#Stayhome message appears as network names on smartphones for COVID-19 awareness

As a public awareness message, cellular networks in many countries are show ‘#stayhome’ message instead of their network name, when users switch from WiFi to cellular data on smartphones. In a thread on Twitter, people shared screenshots of the message from various countries like United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Germany, Peru, India, Belgium, Indonesia, Luxembourg, Nigeria, Greece, Romania and more.

Displayed at the top left of corner of most smartphones, the message is adequately promoted to encourage people to exhibit responsible behavior during the coronavirus pandemic.

Acknowledging the need of the hour, it is an ingenious idea to deliver this very important message to the masses, as it is seen around the world that people are not following health authorities and government directives to stay at home to avoid contact and spread of the deadly coronavirus. Unfortunately, the severity of the illness is not taken seriously by people who are using time off to have parties and picnics, instead of being in isolation and maintaining social distancing.

In addition, social networking platforms are being used by many to spread awareness regarding the precautionary measures, and guidelines in case of emergence. For example, users can access corona related news and content by following #COVID19 and #coronavirus on Twitter. Instagram recently released new educational and misinformation-combating features to connect people to WHO sources for information, and to stop dissemination of unverified and inaccurate content regarding the coronavirus.

Humanity is going through a testing time globally. Coronavirus is affecting all, regardless of race, age, nationality or color. Although, there isn’t a vaccine or cure for this virus yet, preventive measures such as isolation and social distancing are the only solutions to fight back and prevail. Therefore, for cellular networks to remind people of the importance of staying at home is a public service, so majority of people can stay safe from this disease. #Stayhome.

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