How to watch Netflix with friends online via Netflix Party

Experience an entertaining online group experience with Netflix Party on Chrome. Separated by physical distance, viewers can connect with their friends and family online to watch their favorite movies or trending series. To get the online Netflix Party started, all participants must install the ‘party’ extension first. At the moment this feature is only available on Chrome browsers on desktop and laptop computers.

How to set up Netflix Party

Here is how you can watch Netflix online with your friends:

1 – Go to in Chrome browser. Tap on ‘install’ tab on the top right of the screen to download the extension.

Netflix Party 1

2 – When installed, the extension will appear on the top right of the browser’s extensions bar.

Netflix Party 2

3- From that point on, simply log into your Netflix account and select your desired series or movie. After selection, tap on the ‘NP’ button and select start the party option. Users are also given an option to be the only one controlling the playback of the video stream.

Netflix Party 3

4 – Immediately, the tab will display a URL and the option to copy the URL will display underneath it. Copy the given URL and send it to the other participant via any messaging app, like WhatsApp or iMessage.

Netflix Party 4
Netflix Party 5

5 – The receiver will have to tap on the sent link to access the shared screen and begin group viewing.

Netflix Party 6

The shared screen has a real time chat section on the right side to allow viewers to text each other during playback, which makes the experience more entertaining. Participants can pause and play the video, if they need to stop viewing for any reason. To stop the party, simply tap on the back arrow.

Netflix Party is a third party plug-in which requires funding from patrons to roll out new features like sending emojis, images, GIFs, inbuilt voice chats, and expand synchronized watch parties to other internet TV sites. If you enjoy the group watching experience, become a patron to support the site’s 500,000 users by donating $5 per month.

I personally enjoy watching my favorite Netflix content in sync with family and friends around the country or globe via Netflix Party. Being physically distant is no longer a deterrent in watching shows and movies. Especially in the current global health crisis scenario because of COVID-19, where social distancing and isolation are not only recommended but also enforced, a feature like synchronized playback serves as a channel to stay connected and enjoy time with others.

Having said that, as recommended by health authorities around the world, we will like remind our readers to be socially responsible and stay indoors. If there is a need to go out then maintain social distancing.

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