Cybercity cat mystery game “Stray” coming to macOS with MetalFX

Exciting news for Mac gamers, the dystopian cat adventure game “Stray” has been announced for macOS. Using Apple’s Metal 3 API and MetalFX technology, Stray will take full advantage of Apple Silicon in the latest Macs to deliver immersive gameplay with optimized performance and battery life.


Mac to welcome Stray – Experience the dystopian adventure

Apple’s Metal 3 API and MetalFX have been critical factors in attracting renowned game developers to the Mac platform. Popular titles like No Man’s Sky and Resident Evil Village have already embraced Metal, enhancing their graphics and immersive experiences. Now, it’s Stray’s turn to join the lineup.

Developed by BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive, the title takes players on a captivating journey as a stray cat trapped in a long-forgotten cybercity. To escape, players must unravel an ancient mystery. Along the way, they befriend a helpful flying drone called B-12, which aids in navigating and understanding the dystopian world.

With the integration of MetalFX Upscaling, the dystopian cat game ensures smooth and responsive gameplay across all Apple Silicon Mac models. This technology optimizes graphics and performance, creating a more immersive gaming experience. Mac users, who were often neglected by game developers in the past, can now enjoy the full potential of their devices.

While Annapurna Interactive has not provided specific launch details for Stray on Mac, players can expect it to become available through platforms such as Steam or the App Store. Currently priced at $30 on Steam for Windows, Mac users can anticipate a similar pricing structure.

Mac gaming enthusiasts have reason to celebrate with the announcement of Stray coming to the platform. Leveraging Apple’s Metal 3 API and MetalFX technology, this dystopian cat adventure game promises an immersive experience for Apple Silicon Mac users. As the gaming landscape on Mac continues to expand, with more developers embracing Metal, players can look forward to more captivating titles and an increasingly vibrant gaming community. 

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