Reviews roundup of the Studio Display: excellent resolution, audio system but disappointing webcam

Apple launched the new Studio Display monitor at the March 8 event, its first standalone 5K external display. Now, Apple sells Pro Display XDR and Studio Display external monitors designed for professional users but with a huge price difference. Although the new Studio Display is not a cheap monitor, its starting retail price is $1599, it is a lot cheaper than Pro Display XDR which starts at $4999.

Do the technology and the features in Apple’s new 5K monitor justify its price? The first impression reviews give us the good and bad of the Studio Display. Here is a reviews roundup of the 27-inch Studio Display.

Apple Studio Display

Studio Display has an impressive design, 5K screen, speakers, but the webcam is hit and miss

The Verge says that the new monitor has a great audio system; its mic and speakers deliver high-quality sound during conference calls, listening to podcasts, recording audio, or streaming music or videos; “These are the best built-in speakers I’ve ever heard.” However, the reviewers are disappointed with the 12MP webcam which produces “awful” images in good light, and “miserable” images in low light. And the panel technology does not feature HDR, local dimming, and 120Hz ProMotion display.

It’s rare that an Apple product is such a miss, but the Studio Display in its current state is a confounding miss. If the webcam actually delivered on the promise of iPhone- or iPad-quality video it would at least prompt a reasonable debate about whether having local dimming or HDR or variable refresh rate was worth it, but as it stands, you’re getting a less-than-state-of-the-art display and a bad webcam. If you are adamant about having a 5K display connected to your Mac, it might still be the best option. If not, I think you are much better off looking elsewhere.

MacWorld says that the display has an impressive design, image quality, audio system (especially the Spatial Audio support), and 12MP Ultra-Wide camera webcam with Center Stage feature. However, the high starting price and lack of HDR and ProMotion are deal-breakers.

As a production display, the Studio Display is an affordable alternative to the Pro Display XDR. Buyers will enjoy it, but you can save a few dollars by going with a non-Apple display.

For Tom’s Guide, the new Studio Display has a “gorgeous” 5K screen, “excellent” speakers, and camera which make it a “great monitor” for a fraction of Pro Display XDR’s price. However, it works best with Macs and “loses a lot of its value” with third-party computers.

If you’re a Mac user, this Display is made for you. I think it’s well worth the $1,499 asking price, though I dearly wish Apple wouldn’t charge $400 extra for the convenience of being able to adjust it up or down a few inches.

TechRadar gives thumbs up to the design of the new Studio Display, its bright 5K screen, and even the webcam. But the lack of HDR, ports, and compatibility with Apple computers does not make its multi-purpose monitor. Therefore, it is the best option for users in Apple’s ecosystem, preferably owners of the new Mac Studio.

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