Sublime Text 4 released with Apple Silicon M1 support, auto dark-mode, and more

Sublime Text 4 is now available as a major new release with a bunch of new features including native Apple Silicon M1 chip support, a refreshed user interface with auto dark-mode switching, context-aware auto-complete, TypeScript support, GPU-based interface rendering, and much more.

Sublime Text 4

Sublime Text 4 features M1 chip support, auto dark-mode, refreshed UI, and more

Submit Text is one of the most popular cross-platform code editors for Mac, Windows, and Linux. With version 4, the developers have added a number of new features and improvements to the code editor:

  • New License changes mean that Sublime Text purchases are valid for the next 3 years. This means that users can get free major version upgrades that release within the 3 years.
  • Native support for Apple Silicon M1 Macs and Linux ARM64. Sublime Text 4 can be used on devices like Raspberry Pi.
  • Tab multi-select makes it easy to navigate through the interface and work with various features for writing code.
  • Interface updates include new tab styles, themes, and auto-dark mode support.
  • Context-aware auto-complete provides smarter suggestions based on the current project being worked on.
  • Syntax highlighting is much better. Memory usage has been reduced and performance has been increased.
  • Sublime Text 4 features support for modern programming languages by default including TypeScript, JSX, and TSX.
  • GPU-based rendering means that the user interface now uses hardware acceleration and works fluidly on any screen size.
  • Python 3.8 is now supported in Sublime Text 4 while keeping backward compatibility for older packages.

You can check out the comprehensive changelog here.

Sublime Text 4 can be downloaded for free for trial, while a license costs $99 USD for 3 years. For a limited time, the license is available for $80 USD.

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