Homebrew for Apple Silicon M1 Macs is now available

Homebrew, one of the most popular package managers for macOS, has been updated with support for Apple Silicon M1 Macs. Work had been going on for some time to convert most bottles for packages to Apple Silicon, and while it is not yet complete, a large number of them have been migrated.

This means that you can download and install Homebew 3.0.0 on your M1 chip powered MacBook AirMacBook Pro, or Mac mini, and enjoy native performance.

Homebrew 3.0.0 Apple Silicon M1 Macs

Homebrew 3.0.0 gets support for Apple Silicon

Homebrew is perhaps the most popular package manager for macOS which allows users to download and install useful apps and utilities using the command line.

As per the latest update from the Homebrew team, 70% of the binary packages have been updated for Apple Silicon. However, many are dependant on software that might not be updated for Apple Silicon yet, which means that the packages also remain in x86 form. For such packages or ‘bottles’, Rosetta 2 comes into play:

Apple Silicon is now officially supported for installations in /opt/homebrew. formulae.brew.sh formula pages indicate for which platforms bottles (binary packages) are provided and therefore whether they are supported by Homebrew. Homebrew doesn’t (yet) provide bottles for all packages on Apple Silicon that we do on Intel x86_64 but we welcome your help in doing so. Rosetta 2 on Apple Silicon still provides support for Intel x86_64 in /usr/local.

The update also contains a bunch of depreciation and other changes to bottle format. You can read all about the changes in the official announcement here.

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