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SyncBird is a new content management app for iOS devices that lets users easily sync music, videos, photos, books and other files, without using iTunes. The benefit of using SyncBird is that it lets you add/remove content to your iOS device from any iTunes library. When using iTunes, you can only sync content with one iTunes library which is a major let down most of the times. If you want to sync your iOS device with another iTunes library, you have to go through a long process of erasing content and re-syncing everything. SyncBird

While there are many third party alternatives available which provide the same features, SyncBird does everything for free. The app provides the following features:

  • Instant drag-and-drop file sync, without the need to resync libraries.
  • The app lets you easily sync content from you iOS to macOS, and the other way around too.
  • PhoneCare feature lets you clean up certain files from your iOS device to free up storage space. The app can clean temporary files, caches, junk files and more.
  • With TunesClean, you can also reduce iTunes storage usage by deleting backups, broken downloads, outdated files, and duplicate copies of files.
  • Video Transcoding is also built into SyncBird. The app supports 4K video transcoding and automatically converts it to the best quality for your iPhone or iPad.

SyncBird does not support app syncing but it supports file transfer for the following:

  • Music
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Playlists
  • Ringtones
  • iTunes U
  • Books

During testing, the only issues I had with the app was that the user interface is not responsive. You click something and nothing happens for a few seconds. It also does not tell you when it is busy doing a task and you might end up clicking something multiple times. The app developers say that they used Google’s Material Design guidelines to design the app. But, I had a hard time understanding where the Material Design is implemented. The app has a confusing user interface and the developers should really focus on improving it in future updates, along with making it more responsive.

If you can ignore the design, the app itself is very useful and a must have if you regularly connect your iOS device to your Mac for data transfer. SyncBird is available for free for macOS.

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