Tell Microsoft if Windows 7 is ready to ship

imagePaul Thurrott has already said, Windows 7 will ship on 15th October, which contradicts with the time frame given by Microsoft that is ‘they’ll ship it, when it’s ready’. is your chance to still give feedback on Windows 7, and let them know if you think it’s ready to ship or not. You can consider the various aspects of Windows 7, and tell whether it is ready to ship and if not,  you have to give a reason why. While the feedback tool might have disappeared from Windows 7 RC and the features set in stone, you can still provide your feedback on the following:


imageThe scenarios above match the ones that were provided in the Windows 7 Feedback tool. Strange is the fact that this website isn’t accessible from within Windows 7. But, now that you know, there’s no reason to not give your feedback by going to the website. If you face any bugs, or don’t like how a feature works in 7, navigate to the website, and let Microsoft know. The feedback is viewed directly by the product teams, so you wont be throwing your opinion in a black hole.

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