Tesla is working to add Apple Music to its car software

Tesla has started work on adding Apple Music and Amazon Music to the list of media sources supported by its in-app car software. The company uses its own custom software for its car’s dashboard. Any updates have to be developed by the company and pushed as over-the-air updates to all its vehicles.

Tesla already supports multiple media sources including SiriusXM and Spotify. A few photos posted by @greentheonly on Twitter show that Tesla is working on bringing Apple Music, Amazon Music, and even Tidal to its cars.

Tesla Apple Music

Tesla to bring Apple Music to its cars soon

@greentheonly is popular for digging around in Tesla’s software updates and finding details before they are officially announced or launched by the company. A recent tweet by the account confirmed that Apple Music is currently work-in-progress. The list of new sources includes Tidal, Pandora, Audible, Amazon, and Apple. Surprisingly, Tidal is one of these new sources despite having a very limited user base. YouTube Music, which has a larger userbase, is still missing from this list.

Apple Music is already available in a majority of vehicles worldwide thanks to its availability on Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. After Spotify, it is the second-most popular music streaming service in the world.

Interestingly, this bit of news has come just a few days after Elon Musk tweeted that Tim Cook refused to meet him to discuss Tesla’s acquisition a few years ago. Apple is working on its own car, which is expected to be announced in a few years.

There is no indication of when the new Tesla software update will be released with support for Apple Music and other services. At the moment, the photos show that Tesla still has placeholder icons for most services. @greentheonly said that Tidal integration is likely going to launch first as it currently shows the most development done on it.

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