Tesla could offer support for Apple AirPlay feature in the future

Although Tesla and Apple are two very different companies that currently, manufacture very different products, the rumors of Apple Car invoked a one-sided rivalry by Tesla CEO Elon Musk who did not miss an opportunity to take a jab at the tech giant publically.

However, a discussion on high audio quality in Tesla models promoted a response from Musk that his audio engineers will take the suggestion to offer Apple AirPlay into consideration to further improve the audio quality in electric vehicles (EVs).

Apple - Tesla - AirPlay

Tesla would consider support for Apple AirPlay to play Apple Music lossless audio in the EVs

AirPlay is a wireless communication protocol by Apple that enables users to connect devices, over the air, to stream audio, video, device screens, photos, and more. Apple Music subscribers can enjoy their favorite songs or podcast in Hi-Fi lossless audio on third-party speakers with AirPlay support. 

macOS Monterey AirPlay to Mac

Now, iOS users are requesting AirPlay support in Tesla. In a Twitter thread created by Musk, a Tesla owner appreciated that as a consumer they can request for features to be added to their EVs but also gave feedback that the audio quality of the speaker system in Tesla is limited to the quality of Bluetooth. 

In response to the request for AirPlay, Musk wrote that he will discuss the feedback with the company’s audio engineers. 

Telas also does not support the CarPlay and CarKey services that iOS users have been requesting for some time. Beating the company to it, a developer and Tesla owner, Michał Gapiński created a workaround to run Apple CarPlay in his Tesla Model 3 using Raspberry Pi in January 2022, and in May, he released the public version of “Tesla Android” on Github for whoever is willing to download and try the workaround in their Tesla vehicles. Maybe that promoted the car manufacturer to listen to its customers.

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