Tesla Model 3 gets an augmented reality version via iOS 11’s ARKit

Apple’s ARKit has really taken social media by storm. Almost everyday, a new demo is shared which shows the potential that augmented reality offers and also the prowess of developers. Not to forget the possibilities that ARKit is enabling with its amazing detection of scenes, surfaces and lighting. Using these features, a new Tesla Model 3 demo has appeared online by developer Jelmer Verhoog.

ARKit iOS 11

The demo shows a very realistic looking Tesla Model 3 with configuration options. The developer changes the color of the car, turns on its headlights and taillights and even drives it. All of this is done with a view of an outdoor location. Check out the full video demo below:

Some interesting things to note in the demo:

  • The light reflections on Model 3’s body, although not perfect, give it a realistic feel. The reflections change as the camera moves around the virtual car.
  • When the car is driven, it even adjusts to the bumps in the driveway. This is small detail but it shows how good ARKit is at tracking surfaces. So far we have seen demos that are placed on smooth surfaces or don’t move on uneven surfaces. This one does and shows the brilliance of ARKit’s scene detection.

Jelmer tagged Elon Mask in the demo but there hasn’t been any response from him on this. Jelmer says that with iOS 11’s release he will create an improved version of this app, if Elon Musk and Tesla approve.

Augmented reality is on the verge of going mainstream with the release of iOS 11. Any iPhone and iPad which has an A9 or A10 processor will support ARKit. Since the number of devices that will support iOS 11 will be in hundreds of millions, there is a lot of scope for developers to create breakthrough apps. At WWDC 2017, Apple announced that IKEA is working on integrating ARKit in their app and with a new demo by indie developers everyday, expect a lot of augmented reality apps to hit the App Store this fall with iOS 11’s release.

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