Tesla embraces Ultra-Wideband for seamless driving experience on iPhone

Tesla’s latest software update introduces a significant enhancement to the Phone Key feature. By integrating Ultra-Wideband (UWB) support, Tesla aims to revolutionize the way owners interact with their vehicles, providing greater accuracy, security, and convenience.


Ultra-Wideband technology, also known as UWB, represents a leap forward in wireless communication protocols. Unlike traditional Bluetooth connectivity, UWB offers higher precision and reliability, making it ideal for applications requiring precise location tracking. By leveraging UWB, Tesla enhances its Phone Key feature, enabling seamless communication between the vehicle and the owner’s smartphone.

How UWB technology makes Tesla ownership smarter and safer

The addition of UWB support significantly enhances the functionality of Tesla’s Phone Key feature. Now, Tesla vehicles equipped with UWB technology can communicate with greater accuracy, allowing for more responsive locking, unlocking, and automatic door operation. This upgrade ensures that the vehicle recognizes the owner’s iPhone with pinpoint accuracy, enhancing security and convenience.

To take advantage of the enhanced Phone Key functionality, Tesla owners need to upgrade their Phone Key from Bluetooth to UWB via the Tesla app. This process involves accessing the Phone Key section of the app and following the upgrade instructions. Additionally, owners must ensure they have an iPhone 11 or newer model, as well as the latest version of the Tesla app (4.29.5 or higher).

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While UWB technology holds tremendous potential, its implementation is contingent upon hardware support. Currently, Tesla’s latest models, including the refreshed Model 3, 2023 Model X, and Cybertruck, feature UWB compatibility. However, earlier models, such as the first-generation Model 3 and current Model Y do not support UWB connectivity. Additionally, UWB functionality is limited to iPhone users, although support for Android devices may be forthcoming.

One of the primary advantages of UWB technology is its enhanced security features. Unlike Bluetooth, which may be susceptible to jamming and interception attacks, UWB offers robust encryption and precise signal tracking, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access. This added layer of security ensures peace of mind for Tesla owners, knowing that their vehicles are protected against potential threats.

As UWB support expands to additional Tesla models and devices, we can expect further improvements in functionality and security, paving the way for a more seamless and intuitive driving experience.

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