Fast is a new Internet speed test tool by Netflix

Netflix has launched a new website called Fast which lets users test download speeds on their Internet connections. Fast only measures download speed unlike most other tools, as Netflix believes that it is the most important factor for people who consume content.

Fast is a new Internet speed test tool by Netflix

The tool is extremely simple and requires zero setup. Just open the Fast website in your browser, whether on desktop, tablet, mobile or even smart TV and it will automatically start measuring the download speed. The only other things shown on the page are the unit of measurement (it automatically switches from Kbps to Mbps based on speed) and the restart button. Fast does not claim to be a full set of diagnostic tools and it even links to at the bottom of its test results.

Fast is a very handy tool to have bookmarked in your browser if you feel your Internet speed is slower than advertised. It also has a home screen icon for iOS devices for quick access.

You can test your download speed by heading over to

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