The iPhone 4 Antenna Song [Funny Video]


While we all wait for Apple’s press conference on iPhone 4 issues to start, here’s a song on YouTube, part of the ‘Song A Day’ series. Called the iPhone Antenna Song, this song mocks that fact that there’s a lot of hoopla over the antenna issue as there are a lot of people who haven’t had any problems with it. The song also takes a shot at Gizmodo, who are apparently the main source of the antenna issue mess. This isn’t a surprise since they had bought a stolen iPhone 4 prototype before its release and got a lot of negative feedback because of their act.

Check out the song and its lyrics:

there’s an awful lot of hoopla
around the iphone 4 anttenna
when you grip it with the death grip
and you’re call slips away
the media loves a failure
in a string of success
the facts won’t ever matter
if they can make bigger messes
sure i can make it happen
but in terms of daily usage
i’ve yet to drop a call
so this whole damn thing is stupid
and you can call me a fanboy
i’ve been called worse things
but gizmodo just ridiculous
pulling their anti-apple strings
you bought a stolen prototype
get over it and move on
or hey even better
let’s all sing this song


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