iPod Gains 76 Percent of MP3 Player Market in US while Zune is a failure with just 1 Percent share after 4 years

The iPod is one of the best music players available in the market. It revolutionized the world of digital music players. Many other devices emerged in the market to compete with iPod but they’ve all failed. Even though iPods aren’t that much in the news nowadays because they do not get updates frequently, they still are the best selling music players in the US.



The latest research by NPD Group claims that iPod had a 76 percent share of the MP3 player market in US in May this year. It is still more popular than any other MP3 player available. While, Microsoft’s ‘me too’ attempt at the music player market in the shape of Zune and Zune HD are not that impressive as it has only 1% share of the market.

Just like some other Apple procuts, iPod is clearly the market leader to beat in the music player market. It is expected that Apple will have an iPod/iTunes refresh in September. It is also expected that this year a new version if iPod touch may be launched with a 3.2 megapixel camera and video recording. Let’s wait and watch.
[via 9to5mac]

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