The ithinkdifferent Flickr Pro accounts giveaway for iPhone photographers

the ithinkdifferent Flickr Pro iPhone photography competitionSince we’ve been covering iPhone a lot lately, I figured out it’s time to give something back to the readers. So, stop all your work and concentrate on the next few lines because they might win you something: I have some Flickr Pro accounts to giveaway so combined with some iPhone love, here’s what I’ve come up with the rules for this competition:

  • You must take a photograph using your iPhone ( must be safe for work, and could be of anything. be creative!)
  • Upload it to our Facebook fanpage. image
  • Remember to put a Flickr link to that same picture in the caption to your upload on Facebook, so we can be sure that it was taken using an iPhone. Check out the example below:Example
  • Contest ends on April 30th. We wont judge the photo based on the number of megapixels, so don’t worry if you don’t have an iPhone 3GS but a 3G or 2G ( seriously, you should upgrade, it wont support iPhone OS 4! )
  • Don’t give me any deals for the Flickr Pro accounts too, that wont work. Participate in the competition!
  • We have 2 accounts to giveaway, but we’re willing to make exceptions if we get good feedback. Also
  • Stop reading, snap some photos now!

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