This week in Google/Android: Buzz, 1 gigabit a second, …


You might have already been blown by the amount of updates that came from Google this week. It’s a bit too much if you ask me. Nonetheless, most of the updates were pretty cool and awesome.

Google updates this week:

  • Google is testing an internet speed connection of 1 gigabit per second using fiber optics cables as a broadband. With a gigabit per second connect, you could download a movie in under 10 seconds! I think Google really wants to dominate the internet market, so it joined the ISP competition, in hopes of serving 50,000 or even 500,000 users.
  • Google released Buzz, their vision of social networking. In my opinion, I consider it the social network of social networks, or like I call it: FaceTwitSquare. It integrates most social networks into one place. Pretty cool if you ask me, but currently isn’t at full potential as it isn’t functioning correctly at the moment.
  • Google finally added phone support for the Nexus One, kind of useless if you ask me, as it is only for information about shipment/status. You’ll have to call 3 different places for issues. Come on Google, shape up your phone support services please, or just don’t release it at all?

Android updates this week:

  • Droid gets an update, Android 2.1 on its way, full of multitouch glory. You get the pinch to zoom in the browser, and maps. You also get Google Goggles, even if it’s useless. But what disappoints is that it doesn’t get the 3D app switching glory of the Nexus One.
  • Motorola Cliq will get an update in March, no specified information on what’s included, but it might get multitouch. The new Motorola Devour, starts with 1.6, but since Cliq is getting to 2.1, Devour might too, since it runs the same MotoBlur UI.
  • Next Android to be called “Gingerbread”. If you don’t know how the naming goes, it is alphabetically: Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Frayo, so the “G” is confirmed to be called Gingerbread.
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