Tiger King shoots special Netflix episode on iPhone via FaceTime

Netflix recently shot a special episode of the famous documentary ‘Tiger King’ using an iPhone, as a treat for its subscribers. ‘The Tiger King and I’ was virtually hosted by Joel McHale while he was wearing AirPods Pro, and he interviewed seven key players of the bio-pic virtually connected via a FaceTime video call, to share their thoughts about how their lives were shot in the documentary, their lives after it was aired, and most importantly, Joe Exotics verdict.

Tiger King shot on iPhone

Shot on an iPhone with AirPods in their ears and a smile on their faces, the stars of the mini-series talk about life after the unprecedented success of the Netflix original series on the business of breeding, housing, and trading of big cats in America.

Part of the biggest documentary in human history, people close to the subject of the series shared their raw opinion on Joe and their role in his life in a one-on-one interview with McHale. Personally, I was disheartened to see Joe’s life swiftly drift away from taking care of the animals to his selfish and self centered ulterior motives. Fortunately, the special episode gave a satisfying closure to me that the big cats are taken care of by people loyal to their well being like Eric Cowie and the Lowes.

Tiger King Netflix

Stars of Tiger King – In order of appearance

  • Eric Cowie, the head zoo keeper at GW Zoo, spoke of the calm life at the zoo for tigers and workers. He won my heart by saying that his loyalty was with the big cats only.
  • Jeff and Lauren Lowe, the current owners of GW Zoo, took pride in putting Joe behind bars and expressed disappointment over being portrayed as villains.
  • John Reinke, ex-manager of GW Zoo and now retired, spoke of the ill-treatment of the animals by Joe and his helplessness in preventing it.
  • Saff – known for his arm being ripped off by the tiger, is still in love with the animals and harbors no harsh feelings for them.
  • Josh Dial, Joe’s campaign manager, was the only person who saw Travis, Joe’s husband, before he shot himself. Now we know that it was not a suicide as portrayed.
  • John Finlay, Joe’s ex-husband, is now a new man with new teeth. He expresses bitter and sweet memories with Joe.
  • Rick Kirkham, reality show producer, the man who lost the most financially because of Joe. He is now happily settled in Norway and talks about stardom in that part of the world because of the series.

Practicing social distancing, the interviews were conducted remotely on FaceTime. Tiger King is Netflix’s most successful series till date with 34.5 million views on the service in its first 10 days after release.

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