TikTok is given a new June 11 deadline for its fate to be decided in the United States

Scott Nover from AdWeek says that President Joe Biden’s administration has given TikTok a new deadline to decide the social media platform’s fate in the country. The U.S. government has filed a status report in the Commerce Department and asked for more time to review the inherited matter. That means the trouble for TikTok might not be over soon.

In August 2020, the popular Chinese social media app, TikTok came under fire when former President Donald Trump passed two executive orders forcing the video creating app and its parent company to sell its U.S. operations in 90 days over national security concerns. Former President Trump claimed that “there is credible evidence” that the app was sharing U.S. users’ data with the Chinese government which poses a serious national security risk. Although the app denied the accusations, it began to look for suitable companies for acquisitions. But luckily, as the Trump administration got busy with elections and other political issues, TikTok survived the forceful selling off its U.S. business for the time being.

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TikTok worries of operations in the U.S are just not over yet

@Scott Nover shared on Twitter that as President Biden’s administration had asked for more time to review the matter in the joint status report submitted to D.D.C The Commerce Department, the new deadline is set for June 11, 2021, to decide the app’s fate in the country. The new decision reiterates the government’s former stance to pause work on the issue temporarily so it can devise a more “comprehensive approach”.

“We plan to develop a comprehensive approach to securing U.S. data that addresses the full range of threats we face,” National Security Council spokeswoman Emily Horne said. “This includes the risk posed by Chinese apps and other software that operate in the U.S. In the coming months, we expect to review specific cases in light of a comprehensive understanding of the risks we face.”

The current U.S government is playing an active role to streamline domestic manufacturing and the country’s dependence on international production facilities. And in that regard, it is hosting a summit on April 12 to discuss the ongoing chip shortage and its impact on industries like electric cars, medicine, and others. It is also reported that officers and lawmakers will discuss national security risks.

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