Apple CEO Tim Cook is spending hours in preparing for Epic Games antitrust case to decide App Store fate

Despite being an eloquent and seasoned speaker, Apple CEO Tim Cook is reported to be spending hours preparing for his testimony in the legal battle with Epic Games. The antitrust case is crucial for the $2 trillion company for it will decide Apple’s control over App Store’s distribution and payment policies.

Epic Games vs. Apple - Tim Cook

In addition to Apple’s official statements on the matter, Mr.Cook has expressed his opinion on the antitrust case file by Epic Games on several occasions. In a recent interview with Tronto Star, Cook said that Epic wants the introduce alternative payment methods on the App Store to turn it into a “flea market”. He argued that the quality of the apps on the App Store would drop if the company allowing developers to introduce their own payment methods. And the number of users will drop consequently as well. Cook also shared that if they tell the facts clearly, he believes Apple has a good chance of winning the case against Epic. But an actual court is very different from an interview, therefore, the Apple CEO for 10 years is preparing for it.

Tim Cook is spending hours to deliver a strong testimony at Epic Games vs. Apple case

In addition to Software Chief Craig Federighi, Apple Fellow Phil Schiller, and other senior executives at Apple, CEO Tim Cook is also listed to take the witness stand to defend the company’s App Store policies and debunk Epic’s accusation that Apple has created a monopoly. The Wall Street Journal reports that:

His testimony is likely to be the most detailed public discussion he will give on a subject that is likely to loom over Apple for years to come. Mr. Cook has been preparing for the trial, according to a person familiar with his effort. That has included hours of practice rounds from former prosecutors chosen by his legal team to simulate the witness stand.

He is expected to seek to bolster Apple’s argument that it isn’t a monopoly in a case that threatens to unravel its control over the App Store, a key part of Apple’s services business that generated almost $54 billion last year.

Tim Cook Fox News Sunday Interview

Based on Epic’s line of questioning thus far, it is expected that Mr.Cook will be asked about App Store’s 30% commission rate, exclusive 15% deal the Amazon, other antitrust cases against Apple, and more.

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