Tim Cook says Tesla has done an unbelievable job and sort of hints at autonomous Apple Car

During an interview with Kara Swisher from The New York Times, Tim Cook spoke about Tesla and praised them for their industry leadership. He also sort of addressed questions regarding Apple Car and said that autonomous cars are sort of like robots and there is a lot of work that can be done in that field.

Apple Car

Cook refuses to answer about future products but gives enough hints at what the Apple Car project might be about

During the interview, Tim Cook had good things to say for Tesla and said that they have done an unbelievable job of creating a lead in the EV space, and maintaining it for a long time. He did not answer Kara’s question as to why he refused to meet Elon Musk, but he said that he has never met him.

He said that in terms of the work that Apple is doing in the field, he will be coy. However, he gave more details than ever before from an Apple executive. He spoke about the autonomy aspect and how an autonomous car is a robot, and there are a lot of things that can be done there. He said that “we’ll see what Apple does”, and that Apple investigates many things internally and many do not see the light of the day, but he went on to say that “I’m not saying that one will not”. Kara pressed on further if it will be a car or technology within a car, to which Tim Cook said that he will not answer that. Kara said that it has to be a car, you will not just do the technology, like Google.

Tim Cook said that Apple loves to integrate hardware, software, and services because that is where the magic occurs. This might be the clearest indication that Apple is definitely working on a car and not technology to use for other cars that various other companies might do.

The topic ended with Kara saying that we’ll take this as a car and that she wishes that Apple would make a car.

The complete podcast episode is embedded below.

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