TinyUmbrella 5 released to support iOS 5 Beta SHSH Download

TinyUmbrella has released their latest version to help get your SHSH blobs for the new iOS. This version supports iOS 5b1, and previous versions as well. You can request your SHSH from Cydia as well as Set your Hosts to Cydia. TinyUmbrella allows you to save your SHSH blobs locally so you will be able to downgrade OS’s in the future if needed.

If you are wanting to jailbreak or are planning on jailbreaking your device with iOS 5, be sure to grab your SHSH from Cydia and back them up using TinyUmbrella. The developer has assured users that updates will be made to the software with the newest versions. So stay tuned for updates on the latest software.

Go here to download your copy and save your blobs now!

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