Today, Apple turns 45 years old and CEO Tim Cook shares an inspiring quote by founder Steve Jobs

Today, Apple celebrates its 45th birthday. On April 1, 1976, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne co-founded Apple Inc. in Jobs garage in Los Altos, California which has now become the U.S’s first company to reach $2 trillion market value. And on this day, the CEO of the company, Tim Cook thanked every member for their contribution to the company and shared a motivational quote by Jobs, “It’s been an amazing journey so far, yet we have barely begun.”

Apple- Steve Jobs

Apple turns 45 today, and what a remarkable journey it has been

In these 45 years, the Cupertino tech giant has not only launched great products but also revolutionary technology. With a share of hits and misses, the company is the embodiment of what Jobs had envisioned it to be: creative, innovative, and revolutionary. The touch screen experience of the iPhone changed the mobile industry, the App Store gave users the freedom to install apps that they needed instead of only using pre-installed apps, iPad with a stylus allowed users to take their creative projects anywhere, AirPods that have become a common sight, and the list goes on. Perhaps the central product that launched decades ago and is still the centerpiece around all this tech is Apple’s Mac computer, powered by macOS.

With all the success that Apple has garnered so far, it is on the verge of entering new product categories. The company is expected to launch its autonomous electric vehicle by 2025 or later, introduce mixed-reality glasses by next year, with AR glasses to follow. Despite all the criticism the company regularly sees, it has been leading the whole industry in new directions, whether it is in the form of computers, tablets, smartphones, or wearables.

It has been over 9 years since Steve Jobs passed away, and many influential Apple employees have left since then, but the company has still stuck to the core values that he had instilled: to make great products. The company also leads in areas where other companies pay little to no attention: how customers use these products, their impact on the society, and how these products protect the user’s privacy.

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