Trump launches Truth Social app on App Store with a rocky start

Former United States President Donald Trump has launched his new Truth Social app on the iOS App Store and it has had a rocky rollout so far. The app has been plagued with error messages, while still managing to top the charts due to its popularity.

To accommodate the massive influx of users, the app has been placing new registration on a waitlist, with the following message: “Due to massive demand, we have placed you on our waitlist”.

Truth Social app

Truth Social – a new social platform

The app was released on Apple’s App Store on Sunday night and managed to quickly top the charts on Monday. The app was initially made available for pre-order which allowed users to have the app automatically download on their iPhones upon release. A Google Play Store release is “coming soon”.

Truth Social is a Twitter replica and revolves around a “Truth Feed” which lets users post updates and reshare posts from others, known as “Truths”. The app also supports posting photos, videos, and news stories as “Truths”. The app also features custom user profiles, notifications, and direct messages.

Truth Social calls itself a social platform that is “free from political discrimination”, which is in response to Trump being banned from other social platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Early users noticed errors during the registration process. As posted by CNET, users were seeing error messages when they tried to enter their information in the registration screen.  

People who downloaded the app reported seeing error messages when they tried entering a birthdate, e-mail or phone number to create an account. “Something went wrong. Please try again,” the message read.

Despite the error messages, many users were able to register successfully, while others were put on a waitlist.

The app is currently limited to the United States and is expected to be “fully operational” by the end of March.

Previously, Apple had removed Parler from the App Store due to radical content which was not moderated by the developers. The app returned to the App Store a few months later once it implemented moderation mechanisms via artificial intelligence.

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