Turn your iPad into a secondary Display with Air Display App

air-display-photo-smallIt’s true. There’s an app for just about everything in the App Store. iPad users will get a lot more value out of their device with this cool Air Display App. This app turns your iPad into a secondary display device for your Mac. Air Display app is design by software makers Avataron. They have almost completed the app and will submit it to the App Store tomorrow. They have stated on their website:

We’ve finished our beta cycle for Air Display, and will submit to the App Store tomorrow

. Stay tuned.

The App works by using iPad’s Wifi connection to transmit visual data between Mac and iPad. Not only you can see the display of your Mac with this app on you iPad , but  you can also use the iPad’s touchscreen as a mouse and control the desktop with your fingers.

Air Display will be submitted to App store tomorrow and if it is approved then it would be available for download soon. Its price would be $9.99 which is definitely cheaper than buying a secondary display for you Mac. [via cultofmac]

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