tvOS 17: Apple TV 4K expands support for multiple AirPods and Beats headphones

Apple TV 4K has been rated highly for its exceptional audio capabilities, and one standout feature that garnered praise was its support for spatial audio. This impressive feature was limited to just one pair of Apple headphones in tvOS 16. But exciting news has emerged from the beta version of tvOS 17 – Apple is expanding its spatial audio support! Now, users will be able to stream surround sound to not just one but two pairs of the best AirPods, including Beats headphones, simultaneously.

tvOS 17 - Control Center

Users can enjoy surround sound with dual headphones/earbuds with tvOS 17 public beta

With the introduction of tvOS 17 public beta, Apple TV owners can now experience surround sound with their significant other or family members by connecting two pairs of AirPods or Beats headphones. The updated version allows users to enjoy 5.1, 7.1, or Dolby Atmos surround sound in a shared listening experience.

To gain access to the tvOS 17 beta, you can enroll in the Apple Beta program and download it onto your Apple TV right away. While the beta has been generally stable, remember that beta software may come with occasional bugs or quirks. So, proceed at your own risk.

Flatpanels HD, which brought this feature to light, pointed out some minor limitations in the beta version. Occasionally, connecting a second pair of AirPods may disconnect the first one, or one pair may play at a lower volume than the other. However, a quick and simple fix for these issues is to restart your Apple TV 4K.

Keep in mind that when using two sets of AirPods simultaneously, you will lose the dynamic head tracking feature available when using a single AirPod. This is because Apple does not currently support tracking two separate heads at once.

Besides the expanded spatial audio support, tvOS 17 comes with various other exciting features. The new and more intuitive Control Center allows for seamless navigation, and FaceTime is now accessible on your Apple TV. Moreover, the Enhance Dialog feature for HomePods (2nd generation) optimizes audio for movie dialogues.

One underrated feature of tvOS 17 is third-party VPN app support. With this functionality, users can bypass geo-restrictions. This means that Apple TV users can now access region-specific content, such as the U.S. version of Netflix, from anywhere in the world. The update opens up a world of possibilities for users who previously faced content limitations based on their location.

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