Tweetbot gets new “Behaviors” to customize app features on iPhone and iPad

Tweetbot has received a new update, version 6.3, which features new “Behaviors” that allow users to tweak various features on the app to their liking. This includes enabling and disabling features like drag and drop tweets, quick shortcut for switching themes, swipe gestures, and more.


Customize Tweetbot to your liking with new Behaviors

While these features might not be useful for all, and many of us are used to and love the default features that Tweetbot provides, it is good to see these features for power users who want to set up their app exactly how they like it. This will also be helpful for users who come from other apps and might be used to a specific set of features and app behaviors.

These customization features include the ability to enable or disable drag and drop tweets, quick switching of themes, tap to scroll to top gesture, and even customization tabs and swipe gestures. Tapbots have also included new iPad keyboard shortcuts, a new app icon, and a light theme called Harvest.

Note that the Mac app is still pending an update to brings it feature sets on par with the iOS app.

Here are the complete release notes for the new update for iPhone and iPad:

– Enable/Disable Tap to Top. By default, tapping the status bar will bring you to the top of your timeline. If this happens by accident and bugs you, you can now turn this feature off.

– Enable/Disable Drag & Drop Tweets. If you always accidentally invoke the drag and drop feature and wish there was a way to turn that off, now you can!

– Enable/Disable Swipe to Switch Themes. Swiping up or down with two fingers normally switches to the next or previous theme. If this happens by accident far too often you can now turn this feature off.

– Enable the ability to Customize All Tabs. For years many of you have asked for the ability to customize all the tab buttons in Tweetbot. Well, finally you can now turn this option on and set your tab menubar exactly how you wish.

– Before, the short right swipe on a tweet gesture was configurable between liking or retweeting. Now you can also customize this gesture to open link to tweet, copy link to tweet, copy tweet text, add to reading list, or be disabled completely.

In addition to the new Behaviors section of the settings, we also tossed in these little bonuses:

– Added Extra iPad Keyboard Shortcuts

– Added a new “DJ” App Icon

– Added a new “Harvest” Light Theme

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