Apple CEO Tim Cook likely to oversee launch of AR glasses before retiring – Report

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been leading the company for 10 years now. In this decade, he has successfully launched several new products, electronics, and services, like Apple Watch, AirPods, M1 Mac models, M1 iPad, HomePod mini, Apple TV+, Fitness+, Apple Music, and others. Now, the Chief Operating Officer of the $2.5 trillion will like to oversee the launch of one more major new product category before he steps down. And it is not Apple Car, according to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Mr.Cook is interested in unveiling AR glasses.

The company is allegedly developing Augmented Reality Glasses, and Veteran tech analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo claims that Apple has most of the building blocks for AR glasses in place owing to its augmented reality in iPhone and Apple Watch. Expected to launch in 2025, the new AR glasses will feature a custom “optical see-through AR experience” that will bring the digital world into users’ real-world view.

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As protocol, the company has not confirmed the claim but Mr.Cook has spoken of the potential of AR technology several times. Speaking at the Viva Conference in Paris Tim Cook said that the company is working on AR technology for iPhone and iPad because it is “a technology that can enhance life.” In a recent interview, Mr. Cook said that;

“I’m a huge believer in augmented reality. It can enhance our conversations that we’re having, and enhance learning and really amplify the value of technology with people, without it enclosing or shutting off the real world.”

2025 might be Tim Cook’s year to say adieu to Apple

Gurman details that under Cook, Apple’s stock grew by more than 1,000%, “turned the company into an operations powerhouse, went all-in on custom technologies, and expanded the product portfolio with new services, wearables, and a wider array of screen sizes.” All his efforts made Apple the first American company to hit a $2.5 trillion market value. Although no one would object if he wishes to continue on, Tim Cook has already hinted at retirement because “running a Silicon Valley company is typically a young person’s game, and he’s not going to stay far beyond his prime.”

So, the assumption is that Mr.Cook will stay till the launch of AR glasses by 2025 or 2028.

Apple plans to unveil a mixed reality headset — which blends AR and VR — next year, but AR glasses that are small enough to resemble classic frames are in development for a launch in the middle of the decade. Of course, Cook could decide to stay on longer (or shorter), but the combination of factors — the shares paying out in 2025, the launch of the glasses, Cook already saying he probably won’t be in the job in 10 more years and his age — leads me to believe he’s going to retire sometime between 2025 and 2028.

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