Twitter app for iOS now supports larger image previews in timeline

Twitter has updated its iOS and Android apps to show larger and higher quality images in the timeline. The app will not respect the aspect ratio of the uploaded image, whether it’s portrait or landscape, and show it in the timeline accordingly. Twitter had been testing this feature for some time, along with the ability to upload high-quality images in 4K resolution.

Twitter for iOS image updates

Twitter for iOS now shows larger image previews in timeline

While this may seem like a minor change, it is an important one as it allows users to view the images as they were uploaded. Previously, an image uploaded in the portrait aspect ratio would appear cropped in the timeline, and users had to tap it to view it in full size. This could sometimes make the cropped image look unappealing, which would mean that users might just scroll past it and not open it. The same applied to landscape images as they would also be cropped from their original aspect ratio.

Users can now see the images in their original aspect ratios, just like how they appear when they were being uploaded in the Tweet composer. However, this change has not been applied to videos yet. Videos in the 9:16 aspect ratio, made popular by Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok, still appear cropped in the timeline when viewed in the Twitter app, and require users to tap them to open in the original size.

Note that Twitter app for Mac and Twitter website do not support this new update yet.

Along with this change, Twitter had also been testing the ability to allow users to upload 4K resolution images. The feature is also live for users now. Users can go to their Twitter app settings and enable the new option in “Data Usage”, by selecting whether they want their images to upload at 4K resolution on Wi-Fi only, or cellular data as well. Since this will increase the data usage, make sure that you know its impact on your cellular data plan before enabling it. If you do not want to upload 4K resolution images even on Wi-Fi, there is an option to disable them entirely.

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