M1 iMac will help Apple lead the all-in-one PC market by beating HP

Apple’s newest M1 iMac all-in-one computer might help it become the market leader in the category, bypassing competitors like HP. HP has been selling a wide range of all-in-one Windows PCs that have been very popular with customers, but the new iMacs offer a new design language, 4.5K display, and performance that is unmatched by any other offering in its price range.

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M1 iMac expected to help Apple gain the first position in AIO category

HP’s line of all-in-one PCs includes its popular Pavilion and ENVY series, while Microsoft also sells a Surface Studio 2 all-in-one which costs a lot more than a fully loaded M1 iMac. However, M1 iMac offers unparalleled performance, and a beautiful 24-inch 4.5K Retina Display that competitors don’t offer. It does not mean that the competitive products are not good enough, it just shows that the new iMac is much better and raises the bar. Check out Windows Central’s article on how iMac’s price provides more value than current AIO Windows PCs.

Digitimes has reported another reason how Apple could beat HP in the all-in-one market – thanks to its supply chain. The website reports that Apple’s new iMac is backed by priority shipments by chip and components suppliers:

With chip and component suppliers prioritizing their shipments supporting high-end products, such as the iMac, Apple is likely to overtake HP as the top all-in-one (AIO) PC brand vendor, according to industry sources.

It is interesting to note that Tim Cook had recently said during Apple’s “Spring Loaded” event that its three available M1 Macs are outselling the remaining five Intel Macs in their line-up. This shows that demand is not an issue for new Apple Silicon Macs. However, Cook also said during Apple’s Q2 2021 earnings call that iPad and Mac production is likely to be impacted by global chip shortage in Q3 2021:

“..But I would point to Luca’s point earlier about the shortages and those shortages primarily affect iPad and Mac. So we expect to be supply gated, not demand-gated.”

M1 iMacs are currently available for order and shipping dates have already moved to 5-6 weeks. Shipments are expected to start on 21 May.

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