Apple is selling more M1 Macs than Intel-based Macs, says CEO Tim Cook

Last year, Apple launched the first wave of Macs powered by its custom-built chipset, M1 Apple Silicon. The launch was a part of Apple’s two-year plan to make a full transition to Apple Silicon in place of Intel. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the move is working out well for the company.

Apple is selling more M1 Macs than Intel-based Macs, says CEO Tim Cook

Apple claims it is selling more M1 Macs than Intel-based Macs

Apple’s first M1-powered Macs were incredibly well-received. The processor offers enhanced performance, innovative technology, and incredible battery life which are unmatched by other laptop and tablet processing chips currently in the market. Reviewers had glowing things to say about the chip and stated that it had set new industry standards in terms of performance and battery life, where complicated and energy-draining tasks are done in a faster time with minimal battery drain.

During Apple’s virtual ‘Spring Loaded’ event, Cook revealed that the company is selling more M1 Macs than Intel-based models. This means that the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and the Mac mini that came out in 2020 with M1 processors, make up the majority of Mac sales at this point in time. In the same event, Apple also announced that it is putting the M1 chipset inside the new 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models and iMac.

According to Cook, Apple’s M1-powered Macs now outperform the five remaining Intel-powered computers in its lineup in terms of sales. Apple continues to sell a 16 and 13-inch MacBook Pro, 21.5-and 27-inch ‌iMac‌, and the high-end Mac Pro, all with Intel processors. Though the sales comparison might not have sounded like a big deal at the event, it will most likely be stressed by Cook at Apple’s upcoming earnings call, which is to take place on April 28.

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