Apple Music editorial channel added to Apple News

Apple is bringing Apple Music editorial content over to Apple News in an effort to build upon interviews, playlists, and other news surrounding Apple Music. The dedicated channel for Apple Music editorial content is currently live, but the number of articles available with music at the moment is limited.

Apple Music editorial channel added to Apple News

Apple Music editorial content available on Apple News

As first reported today by MacStories, Apple News users can search for Apple Music in the search tab of News and follow the channel. It will host content surrounding artist interviews, weekly playlist selections, and more from the Apple Music Radio stations.

Currently, Apple Music content in News is sparse with a total of ten stories that are divided into four sections: All, Albums, Playlists, and Radio. However, the good news is that new content is being added on a regular basis. This means that there will soon be a ton of articles to look through and read for users who want to learn more about the artists they are interested in. As per the report:

“Albums includes pieces about everything from Offspring’s first album in nine years to a story that looks back at Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite on its 25th anniversary. Each album profiled is linked at the bottom of the story to Apple Music, so you can follow up and listen there.

The Playlists section is currently limited to one piece that looks like it will be a series called ‘Best New Songs This Week’ that links to the A-List Pop playlist on Apple Music and highlights a single track: Kiss Me More by Doja Cat and SZA.

Finally, the Radio section features interviews conducted on Apple Music 1 by its DJs link Ebro Darden and Zane Lowe. These stories also appear under Albums.”

Apple Music channel in Apple News links to albums and videos found in the Apple Music app, but Apple Music doesn't surface any news content.

Apple is not actively highlighting Apple Music editorial content in Apple News as of now so users will need to actually search within the app to find that content. Note that while the Apple Music channel in Apple News links to albums and videos found in the Apple Music app, the streaming surface does not feature any news content. Keeping in mind the growing subscriber base for Apple’s streaming service, this integration could help boost interaction with News.

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