Here’s how Center Stage works on Apple’s new M1 iPad Pro

Apple’s new M1 iPad Pro models are finally here. The next-generation iPad Pro models come with ultra-fast 5G connectivity, Liquid Retina XDR display, enhanced performance, and more. The M1 iPad Pro also features an all-new 12MP Ultra Wide front camera which offers a Center Stage experience for video calls.

Center Stage, a face-following digital zoom feature, uses the Ultra Wide camera and machine learning to change the way users participate in video calls. As users move around, the camera automatically pans to keep them center in the frame. Center Stages works with FaceTime and other video conferencing apps to offer an engaging experience for video calls.

M1 iPad Pro Center Stage

Center Stage on the M1 iPad Pro enhances video calls

As explained by Apple:

“The TrueDepth camera system on iPad Pro features an all-new 12MP Ultra Wide front camera designed specifically for iPad, enabling Center Stage, a new experience for video calls. Center Stage uses the much larger field of view on the new front camera and the machine learning capabilities of M1 to recognize and keep users centered in the frame. As users move around, Center Stage automatically pans to keep them in the shot. When others join in, the camera detects them too, and smoothly zooms out to fit everyone into the view and make sure they are part of the conversation. So whether whiteboarding with coworkers or attending a virtual family gathering, the experience of connecting is now more engaging than ever.”

M1 iPad Pro

Once the M1 iPad Pro is available to consumers, the hands-on experience will help us understand how the TrueDepth Camera will keep users in focus. But, one thing is for sure, Center Stage will definitely offer a seamless experience to users.

A new report from Federico Viticci suggests that Center Stage will not be exclusive to FaceTime, instead, the functionality will also be available for third-party apps. This means the feature could be included in other apps that offer video conferencing like Zoom and Facebook Messenger.


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