M1 iMac and M1 iPad Pro are available to order and shipping dates have already slipped to July

The new M1 iMac and M1 iPad Pro are finally open for pre-orders now, with the first batch of shipments going out on May 21, if you were lucky enough to order on time. For those who were a bit late to order, the shipping dates have already slipped into July, with the online Apple Store showing 5 – 8 weeks for delivery times.

Apple had already said that iPad and Mac production will likely be impacted by the global chip shortage in Q3 2021, so we can’t really attribute these shipping times to production issues. However, it might be entirely possible that the demand for these new products is really strong and Apple will need some time to ship the first few batches.

2021 M1 iPad Pro vs M1 iMac

M1 iMac

At the time of writing, the base M1 iMac model shows 2-3 weeks for delivery, while the more expensive models show 5-6 weeks delivery times. The 12.9-inch M1 iPad Pro currently shows 6 – 8 weeks for delivery time, while the 11-inch M1 iPad Pro, which does not feature the new mini-LED Liquid Retina XDR display, shows 2-3 weeks.

Although Apple had not revealed these details previously, we now know what upgrades for M1 iMac cost:

Base mode: $1,299

  • 16GB memory: + $200
  • 512GB storage: + $200
  • 1TB storage: $400
  • Gigabit Ethernet: + $30
  • Magic Trackpad: + $50
  • Magic Mouse + Magic Trackpad: + $129

If you buy the $1,499 or $1,699 model, Gigabit Ethernet, Magic Trackpad with Touch ID, and two additional USB 3 ports are included. You can also upgrade these models to 2TB storage for $800 (for $1,499 model) or $600 (for $1,699 model), which you cannot do with the base model.

The most expensive M1 iMac that you can purchase will cost you $2,628, which will include 16GB memory, 2TB storage, Gigabit Ethernet, two additional USB 3 ports, and Magic TrackPad with Touch ID.

You can order the new M1 iMac from the online Apple store.

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M1 iPad Pro

When it comes to the M1 iPad Pro, it is easy to decide which one to buy. If you don’t need the larger screen, mini-LED display, and want to spend the additional money on accessories, the 11-inch model will suit you just fine. If you are looking for the best of everything, and don’t care about how the larger screen is not comfortable to use while holding up in your hands, the 12.9-inch model is an excellent purchase.

A fully upgraded 12.9-inch M1 iPad Pro with 16GB memory, 2TB storage, and 5G will cost you $2,399. This excludes the cost for Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard, which cost $129 and $349 respectively and push the total price to an eye-watering $2,877. This is more a fully upgraded M1 iMac and more than a fully upgraded M1 MacBook Air which costs $2,049 and could be a much better purchase than an iPad Pro in many ways.

You can order the new M1 iPad Pro from the online Apple store.

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