The new $699 AirTag Hermès accessories will sell like hotcakes despite the price

Apple recently introduced its Bluetooth tracker ‘AirTag‘ to easily locate everyday items like keys, bags, and others. Although the new tracker is one of the cheapest products by Apple, retailing for $29 per AirTag, the company has also released its luxury version as well, AirTag Hermès.

Expanding its partnership with luxury products designer ‘Hermès’, Apple is offering AirTag for up to $449 which is 168% more than the original cost. And if you are wondering that on the feasibility of such an expensive product, then let me tell you that the AirTag Hermès will do well with the luxury niche.

AirTag Hermes

The very expensive AirTag Hermès accessories will be a hit with the luxury niche

Apple and Hermès are selling their own leather accessories for the new tracker. Apple offers AirTag Hermès Bag Charm for $299, Key Ring for $349, and Luggage Tag for $499. The designer went a step further in price as it is offering a travel tag for $699.

All AirTag luxury accessories are made of Barénia leather with a come with contrasting saddle stitching and are shipped with a custom-etched AirTag Hermès Clou de Selle signature.

One might wonder, who would pay up to 24x more than the original price for a product. The answer is very simple, the same crowd which travels with Louis Vuitton luggage, carries more than $10,000 worth of handbags, fly in private jets and I can just go on and on about the ultra-privileged class. The luxury niche craves high-end products like the AirTag Hermès to match their status. And that is why the very very expensive tier of AirTags will do well with that niche.

AirTag Hermes

In collaboration with Hermès, Apple has very smartly pushed its products into the luxury niche. In 2015, Apple launched Apple Watch Hermès edition with exclusive nylon and leather watch bands, starting from $1299. In addition, Apple offers an expensive $569.95 Hermès Bolduc Leather Case with MagSafe for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro.

Currently, the $299 AirTag Hermès Bag Charm is available on and the online store does not mention the availability date of the other two accessories. The $699 travel tag is exclusively available at Hermè

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