Twitter beta for iOS adds ‘Sign in with Apple’ log-in feature

Reverse engineering expert, Jane Manchun Wong has discovered the ‘Sign in with Apple’ option in Twitter’s iOS beta code. Currently, the social media company allows users to log in via ID and password associated with Twitter accounts. Wong also found that the platform is simultaneously working on Google as a connected account feature as well.


Launched in 2019, ‘Sign in With Apple’ makes it easy for iOS users to sign in to apps and websites via their Apple ID, quickly. The service is available across Apple devices to reduces the effort in creating new accounts and remembering their passwords, simply by logging in with a single tap for participating apps and websites. For users’ privacy and safety, the company provides two-factor authentication and does not track users’ activity across apps and websites. By adding another secure login service, Twitter will be making it easy for over a billion iOS users in the world to access its platform.

Sign in with Apple is designed to give you confidence in your new users. It uses on-device machine learning and other information to provide a new privacy-friendly signal that helps you determine if a new user is a real person or an account you might want to take another look at.

sign in with Apple

Twitter’s Sign in with Apple feature is not functioning smoothly in the beta testing phase

@Jane Wong updated that Twitter is working on the integration of Sign in with Apple but at the moment the log-in button reads “continue with Apple” instead of the standard branding caption. However, MacRumors reports that the feature is not functioning properly in the beta phase, so it might take some time for Twitter to introduce new sign-in accounts on the platform.

In its current phase, attempting to continue with Sign in With Apple may prompt some initial errors, and once through with an account made, there are some quirks. Firstly, when users use Sign in With Apple, they aren’t creating a specific password for that app or service. Instead, the app links the service to a user’s ‌Apple ID‌.

Currently, with a Twitter account made with Sign in With Apple, it’s not possible to change account information such as email and more since the app asks for a password. These are technical loopholes that will get ironed out before Twitter rolls out that feature to all users.


Although designed to offer convenience to users, the United States Department of Justice is investigating the feature for anti-competitive practice. The authority is probing if Apple forces developers to adopt its login alternative based on complaints of two developers claiming that the sign-in option cuts them off from collecting users’ data.

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