Twitter Engage is a new app targeted towards celebrities and creators

Twitter has launched a new app called Engage which is aimed towards creators, celebrities, and public figures. The idea behind Engage is to make it easy for popular Twitter users with huge followings to connect to their followers and with other influencers.

Twitter Engage does not have a timeline. The app is divided into three tabs: Engage, Understand, and Posts. The main Engage tab shows top followers mentions and communication from verified accounts. Understand tab shows stats such as the number of likes, retweets, mentions and impressions along with graphs. Posts tab focuses on videos, photos, and gifs along with other tweets. It lets you track per post stats: views and engagements.

Twitter Engage is a new app targeted towards celebrities

In concept, Twitter Engage seems very similar to Facebook Mentions, which is only available to verified Facebook users. It also lets them keep track of what people are saying about them and interact with their followers.

Engage is not very polished like Facebook Mentions and still needs some work to improve. Considering that it is just the first release, it should improve over time based on user feedback.

Twitter Engage is only available for iPhone and not iPad yet.

Download Twitter Engage for iPhone

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