Use CarPlay on iPhone or iPad with this jailbreak tweak

CarPlay iOS is a jailbreak tweak which lets you use Apple’s CarPlay mode on iPhone or iPad. Installable via Cydia, it provides more features than Apple’s solution which is only available via a head-unit.

CarPlay is Apple’s solution for car head units which works with an iPhone to provide features such as Phone calls, iMessages, Maps, Podcasts, Music and a small list of third party apps which includes Spotify, Overcast and more. Around 42 car manufacturers ship 100 car models with CarPlay support while companies like Pioneer, Kenwood, and Alpine sell aftermarket solutions.

Use CarPlay on iPhone or iPad with this jailbreak tweak

For users who do not have a car model with CarPlay support or do not want to buy an aftermarket solution, this jailbreak tweak is an economical way to use it.

Here are all the new features in CarPlay iOS 2.0:

  • Start & Stop : automatically turn on or off your wifi, cellular data connection, Bluetooth or change brightness when you start or stop driving.
  • Status bar widgets which include weather, speed meter and battery status.
  • Siri copilote announces the weather when you start driving or change settings.
  • Google Maps and points of interest support.
  • Customization: the ability to rearrange and resize icons and change background wallpaper.
  • Fusion mode which lets you add apps to the menu, launch them and return to CarPlay iOS from any app, by pressing the home button.
  • Adjust device volume from the status bar.
  • Switch the status bar to the right side, if your car supports right-hand drive.

CarPlay iOS is available for $4 for a single user license. Other licensing options range up to $28 for 10 licenses. You would need to have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad running at least iOS 8, to be able to install the tweak.

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