Dropbox adds document scanning, file sharing improvements and more to desktop and iOS apps

Dropbox has added a number of new features to its iOS and Mac apps which including document scanning, file sharing improvements, document commenting, version history previews and much more.

Dropbox adds document scanning, file sharing improvements and more to desktop and mobile apps
Dropbox’ new document scanner

Dropbox has previously announced Facebook Messenger integration for easy file sharing.

Here are all the new features in this release:

Dropbox for iOS

  • Document scanning lets users scan their documents, sketches or receipts and organize them in Dropbox. Dropbox Business users also search inside the scanned documents using OCR.
  • Create Microsoft Office documents by clicking the new plus button in the app.
  • Camera uploads work differently now for Dropbox Basic users. You need to connect your Dropbox account from a computer to use it. This is so that users don’t run out of space. This is what you get for being basic.

Dropbox for OS X

  • Share any files from the desktop. You can right click a file and easily share it without manually copying it to the Dropbox folder.
  • Add comments to documents. You can select any part of the document in a preview and annotate it with your comments.
  • You can now share documents with different access types with specific people. So you can share a document with a friend with view only access.
  • You can now preview previous file versions before restoring them, similar to Time Machine on Mac. Version history just became much more useful.

After going through these updates, one has to wonder why Dropbox took ages to implement features such as selective share access and file version previews. Better late than never, though.

Download Dropbox for OS X

Download Dropbox for iOS

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