Twitter imposes a restriction on following people in a day, along with other limitations

As part of the latest series of changes on Twitter, the platform is now restricting how many people users can follow at a given time. 

Before quietly enforcing limitations on regular accounts, Twitter had shut down its free API to prevent automated bots and accounts from scheduling posts and only tweeting in real time. Although the company revised that decision to launch a new “light, write-only API for bots providing good content that is free”, restricted an account to post only 1500 tweets per month with that API.

Twitter verification

Twitter restricts the number of Tweets, DMs, follows, and notifications in a day

As the limitation was only on accounts that used Twitter’s free API, it was said that the new rule would not impact regular users who would be able to use the service as they have had. But all were wrong.

Affected users shared screenshots of the unusual message which stated that they had reached the limit to follow more people “at this time”.

It was also found that the service no longer shows all notifications at a given time, and has put on a limit on what users can see in their feeds.

Here is a list of all the new, unpleasant, changes on Twitter

  • Twitter Blue costs $11/per month on mobile and $ 8/per month on the web
  • Verification checkmark available for Blue subscribers
  • Tweets can be up to 4000 characters
  • Third-party developers can not use Twitter’s API
  • Free API users can only post 1500 tweets in a month
  • Accounts can only follow a limited number of people per day, reportedly 400 accounts.
  • A limited number of DMs in a day
  • Regular accounts can send a limited number of tweets in a day

It appears that the company is imposing these restrictions to push users towards the Blue subscriptions to increase its revenue. It is likely that Musk is going to change the whole experience of the micro-blogging service for the worse.

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