Twitter launches new ‘Unmentioning’ feature for all users

Twitter announced today that it is launching a new “Unmentioning” feature for all users on all devices. The new feature, which was initially introduced in April to a small group of users, allows users to remove themselves from conversations they do not want to be a part of or be notified about.

Twitter unmention

Twitter users can now unmention themselves in tweets

“Sometimes you want to see yourself out,” the micro-blogging giant said in a tweet. “Take control of your mentions and leave a conversation with Unmentioning, now rolling out to everyone on all devices.”

To unmention themselves from a tweet, users can tap on the three-dot menu next to a tweet to access a prompt offering to “get you out of this conversation.” Users who have been mentioned in a conversation can also go to their Mentions tab and select the “Leave this conversation” option from whichever conversation they do not want to be a part of.

When a user unmentions themselves from a tweet, their Twitter handle will turn grey in order to signify that they can “left” the conversation and cannot be mentioned in the thread again. In addition to this, if a user unmentions themselves from a conversation, they will no longer receive notifications related to that thread, nor with other users be notified that they unmentioned themselves. Note that once a user unmentions themselves from a conversation, they cannot undo it or rejoin that specific thread.

The feature is available in the latest version of Twitter for iOS and can be used starting today.

The launch of this feature is a part of Twitter’s crackdown on abuse on its platform. Related features include Safety Mode and the ability to control who can reply to your tweets.

Safety Mode is aimed at helping users limit “unwelcome interactions” on their feed by imposing an automatic seven-day block on accounts that use potentially harmful language including unwanted, spammy, or abusive replies. The ability to choose who can reply to your tweets gives specific users access to chip into your conversation.

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