Unicode version 14 features 37 new emojis including saluting face, biting lip, heart hands and more

Unicode recently launched version 14.0 of its language coding standard with 37 new emojis, over 800 new characters, and more. The new emojis include a melting face, heart hands, a person with a crown, an identification card, and more. Though the new code has been launched, users will have to wait a while to use these new emojis. The Unicode Consortium expects the new code to become widely available on computers and mobile by 2022.

New emojis

Unicode launches version 14 of its language coding standard with new emojis

Unicode has explained previously that it took more time than usual to create and finalize the draft candidates due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic delaying the launch of the new Unicode 14.0. `

The finalized list includes 37 new emojis along with 75 skin tone additions for a total of 112 new characters. New faces include a melting face, saluting face, face with open eyes and hand over mouth, and more. While new emojis include bubbles, biting lip, lower battery, and more.

New emoji

  • Faces
    • Melting Face
    • Face with Open Eyes and Hand Over Mouth
    • Face with Peeking Eye
    • Saluting Face
    • Dotted Line Face
    • Face with Diagonal Mouth
    • Face Holding Back Tears
    • Rightwards Hand
  • Complexion
    • Light Skin Tone
    • Medium-Light Skin Tone
    • Medium Skin Tone
    • Medium-Dark Skin Tone
    • Dark Skin Tone
  • Hand gestures
    • Rightwards Hand
    • Leftwards Hand
    • Palm Down Hand
    • Palm Up Hand
    • Hand with Index Finger and Thumb Crossed
    • Index Pointing at the Viewer
    • Heart Hands
    • Handshake
  • Gender- Inclusive
    • Person with Crown
    • Pregnant Man
    • Pregnant Person
  • Others
    • Biting Lip
    • Troll
    • Coral
    • Lotus
    • Empty Nest
    • Nest with Eggs
    • Beans
    • Pouring Liquid
    • Jar
    • Playground Slide
    • Wheel
    • Ring Buoy
    • Hamsa
    • Mirror Ball
    • Low Battery
    • Crutch
    • X-Ray
    • Bubbles
    • Identification Card
    • Heavy Equals Sign

Now that the emoji candidates have been released, Apple, Google, Facebook, and other companies can implement them in a future update. Each platform will design its own version based on Unicode’s candidates. Apple could add the new characters to iOS 15, which is slated to launch on September 20. Apple last introduced 217 new emojis with the release of iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 for more expressive and inclusive communication.

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