Apple touts decade-long partnership with United Airlines and highlights benefits of iPhone and iPad

Apple just shared a new story to its Apple at Work website, highlighting the advantages United Airlines’ employees and its passengers have been able to enjoy using iPhones and iPads. The tech giant shared several benefits as well as some impressive statistics based on the decade-long partnership with United Airlines.

Apple United Airlines

Apple devices have helped save United Airlines save 13 million passenger minutes from delays

In the press release, Apple celebrates 10+ years of partnership with United Airlines which has benefitted from the continued innovation of Apple products and services. The tech giant goes on to highlight how the latest deployment of 120,000 Apple devices to United Airlines employees has helped to save 13 million passenger minutes from delays.

Apple further says that United’s 85,000 employees are fully mobile and empowered thanks to iPhone and iPad helping to streamline complicated tasks as well as making flying more enjoyable for passengers.

United Airlines connects millions of people to the places and moments that matter most. The company recognizes that its employees are the key to making those connections happen. With iPhone and iPad, all of United’s 85,000 employees are fully mobile and empowered to be their most effective — making tasks simpler to complete, communication easier, and flying more enjoyable for customers.

The tech giant goes on to explain how United employees have helped in the creation and development of iPhone and iPad custom apps.

And United employees participate in the ideation and development of iPad and iPhone custom apps, demonstrating United’s belief that inclusion propels innovation. This has enabled employees to come up with new solutions to improve travel and put customer service first.

Apple United Airlines

Under a section titled “Only with Apple,” the tech giant details how its devices have helped to ease the manual workload for United’s employees.

  • The built-in security features on iPad, like Touch ID, make maintenance releases instantaneous and secure. The built-in accelerometer on iPad — used with the SkyPath app — lets United’s pilots gain real-time turbulence data.
  • Apple developer tools and the security of Apple platforms helped United create custom apps that streamline operations, from booking to baggage claim. 
  • With Apple Business Manager and VMware Workspace ONE, United can easily configure, deploy, and manage devices over the air. And with flexible deployment models, IT can tailor setup to any role or business need within a fully mobile workforce.

It goes on to explain how the features mentioned above have helped employees and passengers enjoy improved efficiencies. The partnership has also been beneficial for the environment, helping to save 1 million pieces of paper per month due to the digitization of certain documents.

  • With improved efficiencies, United has been able to reduce the number of departure agents needed for each flight from two to one, without compromising customer service.
  • The United Tech custom app eliminates technician reliance on paper, reducing maintenance time by eight minutes per flight and saving 1 million pieces of paper per month.
  • Digital approval for maintenance release documents on iPad has helped to prevent delays on 4,386 flights and save 684,000 passengers annually from experiencing delays.

Apple United Airlines

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